God Gave Me These Encouraging Revelations To Lift Me Up

God gave me this revelations April 1, 2005

After Peter denied Jesus he repented,God forgave him & forgot the sin.

Peter came back to Jesus & wept then encouraged his brothers in Christ & became stalwart in his walk with Jesus.
He didn't let his sin hold him back.Because he knew when
he confessed it & repented that God forgave him, wiped the slate clean. Because of Jesus' blood that cleansesus of all sin.

.........Afterwards I was reminded of the blood of Jesus cleanses us of sin. Meaning if we had a shirt with a spot on it, "Nothing" gets it out. Try everything nothing worked.
Then apply the mercy of the Blood of Jesus heart to the spot. Suddenly the stain is lifted! The shirt is not white as snow. There is no trace of sin. Not only is the stain gone but forgiveness is applied. Because the Blood of Jesus took the sin.
God talking to me:
Many do not know what My blood represents :

* New Life
* New Beginnings

Satan had hoped to keep my people sinning & dying in sin. But My Blood sets the captives free. Free to start all over again.
Many people have made the power of My Blood & all that it
represents null & void. Because  of Its Power these  very people could be free of all that torments and drives them
yet they could not to control or make money on it.

My Mercy frees people My Blood cleanses then opening up the gates and setting them free. The enemy wants to capture them with vainglorious ideas and vain jangling things that will get them off into the ditch. Accepting anything not in My Word (Bible) prevents people from staying free.
When they leave My presence ( covering their old sins come back on them.)
From my Journal "God Talking To Me" Camille B owner of God's Way Forum