Are you ever lonely or in despair
Do you sometimes feel that no one cares-
Are there some things you'd like to say
But do not know the route or way?

Are you a Christian, who wants to be
With people by whom Christ set free-
Who truly care and share their heart
Without tearing your own wide apart?

Do you ever fear that if you voice
Your feelings, or not granted any choice-
But to be treated with bold contempt
By others who appear exempt?

If any or all of this is true
Here is something that you can do-
Accept a heartfelt invitation to our quorum
Called "Gods Way Christian Fellowship Forum".

At our online place, we are all polite
We learn and share about Our Lord of Light-
Where Christians meet to lend and talk
As we find our path with God to walk.

Christian Question and Answer site
by Diana Grace 6.16.2013