10 Israel is an empty vine, he bringeth forth fruit unto himself: according to the multitude of his fruit he hath increased the altars; according to the goodness of his land they have made goodly images.
2 Their heart is divided; now shall they be found faulty: he shall break down their altars, he shall spoil their images.
3 For now they shall say, We have no king, because we feared not the LORD; what then should a king do to us?

Hosea 10:1-3 Expanded Bible (EXB)
Israel Will Pay for Sin

10 Israel is like a •large[spreading; lush; luxuriant] vine
   that produced plenty of fruit.
As •the people became richer [L his fruit increased],
   they built more altars [C for idols].
As their land •became better[prospered; improved],
   they •put up better [or adorned their] •stone pillars to honor gods[sacred pillars].
2 Their heart was •false [or divided; fickle],
   and now they must •pay for [bear]their guilt.
The LORD will break down their altars;
   he will destroy their holy stone pillars.
3 Then they will say, “We have no king,
   because we didn’t •honor [revere; fear] the LORD [Prov. 1].
As for the king,
   •he couldn’t do anything [L what could he do…?] for us.”

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1 Jesus refers to Himself as the vine and that we are to connected to the vine. We bear fruit by Him; Israel was not able to grow fruit without the Lord in their lives just as we can not grow fruit without him. They built more altars because they had more to give back to God this was what He had in mind but often times this is not what they did or what we do when we get more times when we have more we still give Him the same. Hosea is describing Israel.

2 Their heart went after the wrong thing because it was no longer seeking the Lord. When following God is not happening guilt is needed to bring us back to him there is no repentance without conviction. We don’t turn back to the Lord with first having guilt for our actions. Their altars were no longer something that God had favor for because they were just icons for them having God rather then a place of worship for the praise and serve God. After Jesus there was no need for these altars because sin was taken to the cross.

3 They no longer had a king which meant they could be conqueror easy because there was no leadership, they could have looked to God for leadership but they refuse Him and they would later go into captivity as a result. Jesus defeated sin so we can turn to Him not to be prideful as Israel was looking for no leadership at which point they live for their flesh and for self instead of for Him as we all are to live.