I learned early after I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of Speaking in Tongues that it is important to keep a Journal so you can go back to what happened and how God made a way for you. I include in this my dreams from God and any revelation from God on certain scriptures.
I have many journals that would enable me to write several books if the Lord ever asked me to do so.
I pray you too will begin to set your thoughts down on paper to share with others and to remind you the awesome ways the Lord worked in your life and brought you through your Red Seas.
It is a journey for your family some day to get to read about these things.

Many of the greatest Christians in history have kept journals, and many equally godly men and women have not. But I urge you to consider whether you might be among those who would find journaling an easy and practical encouragement the Holy Spirit would use in your growth in grace.

Just like the Bible is accounts about Christian life and Jesus' teachings so are the things in your journal. Christian Book stores carry several kinds with lovely covers on them but if you are on tight budget just get lined notebook and start journaling today.

God bless and hope you love this lost art of putting your thoughts down on paper.