This was back in 2013 when I left Yahoo answers because I was so tired of doing it. I did not even ask God if I could leave yahoo answers.

Recently I was very unhappy and could not figure out how come. I had all I wanted to do and I had a blog, and had started another blog for someone else and I have this forum. But the more I did the worse I felt. I humbled myself before the Lord and cried out to Him.
He told me that the one thing He had called me to do I was not doing. He was using the very things that I was doing to show me that when He is not in the things I was doing that I would not get any happiness from doing it.
About 10 years ago I read a book called "Is It Good Or Is It God"? and in it the man told about doing good things because we wanted to do them and that when God is not in it everything falls apart and we get no joy from it.
I laid down the forum to the Lord and the extra blog I was trying to do for a friend. All of it was giving me more grief then I ever thought possible. God wanted me to go back and do what He called me to do before. Answer questions on R&S and help those who are lost and angry or sad or wants to know Him better. He never called me to make blogs for others nor do a forum.
I stopped doing the blog for the friend,that as it turned out did not like it at all from the get go.
I deleted it and the Joy from God was immense inside me. I am back on track and doing only what God has called me to do.
I also got the monkey off my back of trying to do good for someone else. God told me to come to Him and ask Him if I should be doing it.
God is so good and He has set my feet back on the right track.

So in telling you all this I am back at Yahoo Answers fulfilling what God wants me to do.
The forum will continue to be here but my attendance depends on if I do my work at R&S on Yahoo answers.
God bless you all!!

God has since released me from Yahoo Answers to go be active on Kenneth Copeland's New
I have three groups there and God is allowing me to be there now. I am where God wants me to be now. 2016