Warning: No Justifiable Grudge
By Pastor Andre Butler

Is not the whole land before thee? Separate thyself, I pray thee, from me: if thou wilt take the left hand, then I will go to the right: or if thou depart to the right hand, then I will go to the left
Genesis 13:9

God had told Abram that this was his land, but in order to ensure a strife-free existence, Abram told Lot to take whatever he wanted. Why did Abram do that? Abram trusted God.

You may be in a situation where you think that if you don't defend yourself, you're will get walked all over. That's not necessarily true. At first it may appear that you are on the losing end, but God will honor the fact that you stayed away from strife and kept your heart pure. In time, you will find that God will bring you back on top and use you to save the person with whom you had this experience.

There's no such thing as a justified grudge. If you have unforgiveness in your heart, you need to let it go. In so doing, you free up God's abundance!

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