Like a Daddy at Christmastime!
By Pastor Andre Butler

If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him
Matthew 7:11

Notice that Jesus says that your Father gives good things to those who ask Him, not your Judge. God loves us as His children. He takes pleasure in the prosperity of His children!

God is pleased when you drive the car that you want. He's pleased when you get that house you dreamed about. He's pleased when you want something, pay cash for it, and take it home.

God is like a daddy at Christmas time. A father finds out what his children want, goes to the store, buys it for them, and wraps it up. On Christmas, he watches his children open their presents and is blessed by the joy in their faces.

A father's joy at Christmas is just like God's joy at harvest time. He wants to bless you because He loves you and receives pleasure when He gives to you.

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