Prophetic Confrontations with Demonic Spirits

prophetic confrontation
Prophets confront demonic spirits. Every move of God, outpouring, time of refreshing and relevant truth for a particular generation has battled its own particular demonic resistance. That also holds true for prophetic ministry.

Apostles and prophets are both apostolic gifts, apostolic in the sense of being sent-ones, foundational in calling, and given to serve the body of Christ and equip the born-again believer in distinct ways. One particular, yet pervasive tactic of the enemy against prophetic ministry is the introduction of faux prophetic operations and unhallowed defilement.

True prophetic people have seen false prophets precede them. This makes the acceptance of their ministry much more difficult. The reason for this is because prophetic ministry is a stalwart opponent of Satan. To stop the prophetic ministry, the enemy must interpose a counterfeit, something that looks and sounds like Christ’s true prophetic ministry but is not. Satan is the master deceiver and knows ancient weapons of seduction needed to deceive all save the most mature and discerning.

Christ is still calling, training, activating and sending His prophets into the world He loves. Even as prophets are sent into the world there remains a continuing effort by the prince of darkness to introduce prophetic defilement into prophetic ministry. This is why emerging prophets need to learn from seasoned prophets and established spiritual leaders. These prophetic contaminants are deceptive cancers sent to vitiate true prophetic ministry. Like cancer, prophetic debasement is progressive. Sometimes prophetic defilement is dormant or hidden and at other times hideously apparent.

Once I was with several people praying and heard some of them prophesy. I was uneasy in my spirit because there was something that wasn’t quite right. Maybe you have been in meetings like that too. Something appeared foreign and strange. I couldn’t seem to put my finger on it at the time, so I continued to pray. As time went by the Holy Spirit began to talk to me ever so softly. “There are things in their lives defiling them. There is no longer a desire for holiness, they have a blend, an unholy mixture.” That unholy concoction He called “prophetic defilement.” It can be likened to that “strange fire” the sons of Aaron brought into the temple that ushered God’s judgment on their lives (Leviticus 10:1). As you read this work pray, the Holy Spirit increases your spiritual discernment. You may be familiar with the spirit of Jezebel that attacks prophetic ministry but let’s examine these less familiar and unholy contaminates too