Praying and Reading the Word-2

      If you have reached the point where you feel "comfy" listening and talking to God, you're ready to advance to a higher, more powerful prayer time. Here are some tips on prayer: begin with a scriptural prayer. By that I mean pray God's WORD because He  only responds to His Word.  Even the angels harken only to His Word.  God is ALWAYS speaking, but we've been so spiritually dense that we can't hear Him because we're trying to hear Him with our physical ears!         Always FORM the prayer before you pray it. Make it a faith prayer, based on the WORD. Here's an example: "Father-God, Your Word says that Jesus suffered so I wouldn't have to, so by His stripes I am healed of this headache. Thank You in Jesus' Name" (Isa,53:5). That's the way Jesus prayed. In the past tense, as though it was already answered. That's faith. "God calls those things that be not as though they are". A companion verse is "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen"(Hebrews,11:1). You've heard folks say, "We're just a hopin' and a prayin", when they should be PRAYING and BELIEVING.  The apostle James talks about two types of prayer in the next paragraph.        James said this is the WRONG way to pray: "Ye ask and receive not because ye ask amiss, so you may consume it upon your own lust"(James,4:3)>  That's a harsh rebuke, but he doen't just leave us hanging there.  He goes on in the next chapter to show us the RIGHT way to pray: "The effectual and fervent (passionate) prayer of a righteous man avails MUCH" (James,5:16)!  You ARE righteous, aren't you?  I know you're passionate or you wouldn't even be praying.         First and foremost, begin your prayer sessions by speaking in tongues.  Then the Holy Spirit has a chance to guide you and help you focus.  If you don't speak in tongues, as your Father, Who will gladly give you this gift. Love, Joseph.

Joseph Anthony Ministries