Standing Against the Winds of Adversity - Acts 27

Posted: 17 Nov 2016 04:22 PM PST
Paul in the storm in Acts, Dealing with life's difficulties
God gives us strength to weather Life's storms....

When Hurricane Matthew blew through my central Florida yard in September 2016, it took down weak, dead branches but my healthy, deeply rooted trees stood firm. I was grateful for their strength against the wind.

Winds sometimes blow against God's people.

Take Paul for example:
"When the 'south wind blew softly' [Acts 27] the ship that carried Paul sailed smoothly enough and no one on board knew who Paul was or how much strength of character lay hidden behind that rather plain exterior." But the perilous storm "brought to a head something in Paul that had not previously been clear even to him." A.W. Tozer

Are there storms in your life?

Let those storms reveal and refine your unwavering faith.

Storms blow away shallow faith, but they cannot tear up roots that go down deep into the soil of Christ's love (Colossians 2:7).

We admire Christians who weather strong storms in God's strength. Let's be those Christians