"An Interview with Lance Wallnau by Steve Strang: God is Raising Up Donald Trump – Listen to this Amazing Podcast!"


Photo left to right: Steve Strang and Lance Wallnau
Meeting Donald Trump and Isaiah 45 Cyrus Anointing
Lance Wallnau got invited to go to Trump Towers with a group of leading evangelicals. The person putting this list (of ministers) together had just heard Lance speak and, having been impressed with Lance, he invited him to this meeting. Now it gets interesting!
At the meeting, Lance started to sense this anointing FROM GOD on Donald Trump.
After the meeting, the Lord said to Lance Wallnau, "Read Isaiah 45," which starts out as, "Thus saith the Lord to Cyrus, My anointed..." At the same time Lance received this, he saw a Facebook picture saying, "Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States."
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Lance Wallnau shares in this podcast:
• God anoints secular rulers in history for specific purposes in order to protect His interests.
• This will amaze you! The three issues that Cyrus took the most satisfaction in:
1. Dealing with terror.
2. Restoring the habitations or economic stability of their cities.
3. And lastly: Honoring their sanctuaries or their houses of faith. The Cyrus cylinder (that was uncovered in an archaeological dig) talks about terrorism, economics and faith.
• This election is so critical...Lance says, "I don't know yet if the Church is going to be as awakened as they need to be – to show up in the force they need to show up in to support what this man's (Donald Trump) capable of doing in restoration. Because 'if history tells us anything (it's this) – when God shows up He's 'disguised' and His people don't (always) recognize Him."
• "Trump is like a wrecking ball."
• Trump challenged this group of ministers (who met with him at Trump Towers) and said, "If you don't mind me saying so, I think you guys have gotten soft."
Lance went on to explain that Trump was looking at how fear and embarrassment are so often in ministry...with the Church backing up from issues.
• Lance continued saying that Trump is like a wrecking ball going toward many controversial issues. And Trump's observation was, "I really think that America's turned against Christianity in the last decade in a way that's not healthy and I think you guys have gotten soft in terms of taking your ground and holding it."
Only someone like Donald Trump, himself a brand new Christian, could actually get away with saying that to the Church leadership in America!
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• One of the ministries and pastors who works with him (Mr. Trump), who is in a group of advisors, received a prophetic word and wanted to get it to him (Trump) and yet they didn't know how to get it to him because of the press of the crowd. (Photo via Charisma News: Members of the clergy lay hands and pray over Donald Trump)
The word basically said, "If you will humble yourself and pray and call upon the name of the Lord, you'll be the next president of the United States."
This minister couldn't get it to him, so he gave it to Trump's son, because his son is very involved with these guys. And the son personally handed it to his father and told him to read it on the plane.
Lance continues, "Now we do not know what Donald Trump did on that plane but I can almost prophesy in his state of mind, by himself on the plane, looking at the problem he had (being at a low point and the polls going down), I believe he closed his eyes, read that, and in his own way humbled himself and asked God for help..."
• Steve Strang shared: "It goes to show that God has a plan and purpose in what's happening in America. We need to pray and believe that God has raised up Donald Trump and he's going to be elected."
Christians Need to Vote!
• Lance continues: "I believe that's what the Lord wants. If enough Christians – 25 million to 30 million, 40 million or more – if we show up... We have 50 million Believers registered to vote!
• On the whole...about 25 million show up to vote. In the name of Jesus I pray that number is higher now than it's ever been before... Lord, I ask You to move on the nation, awaken Your people... I pray for a surge of interest and a momentum in the direction of saving America, in Jesus name."
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(Used by permission from Charisma Podcast Network.)
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