What If They Find Out?
Posted: 08 Sep 2016 04:56 PM PDT

Psalm 51, Repentance, King David
When I get complimentary comments from readers, I sometimes wonder what they'd think if they really knew me.

Sometimes I'm cranky, selfish, and worldly. Sometimes I get angry for the wrong reasons.

My husband is my biggest fan, but he'd agree that I sometimes fall short.

Recently I told him how disappointed I was in myself for getting angry with him, and he said, "But you always admit it."

That blessed me. I don't ever want to excuse or ignore my sins. I want to turn from them.

Repentance is enormously important to God. That's why God called David godly even though he'd once committed adultery and murder (e.g. 2 Kings 14:3). God punished David for his sins, but he honored him for his sincere and thorough repentance.(1)

Acknowledging sin is the first step of overcoming it. The second step is being deliberate to pray for God's help in dealing with it.

I am praying to deal Biblically with several sins.
Are there some personal sins you need to put on your prayer list?

(1) See Psalm 51 for David's thorough repentance. See  Short List for a comparison of Saul and David's repentance and see Repent and Re-prioritize for another 1-minute thought of David's character.