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God's Way Christian Forum. A place to be 'refreshed and built up in the Lord Jesus'. Where Christian 'Believers' can fellowship together to talk, discuss, enjoy, pray for others and give testimonies, chat.
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God always provides for our needs according to His riches in glory through Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:19

As long as we are doing the work of the Lord God will always meet our needs. As long as we are pointing others to God, He will always see that you have plenty.

Do the work of the Lord share what you know from the bible and share your testimony of how you were healed or set free and God …

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 Hosea 7:1-2

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clark thompson

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PostSubject: Hosea 7:1-2   Mon Jun 15, 2015 9:10 pm

Hosea 7:1-2 King James Version (KJV)
7 When I would have healed Israel, then the iniquity of Ephraim was discovered, and the wickedness of Samaria: for they commit falsehood; and the thief cometh in, and the troop of robbers spoileth without.
2 And they consider not in their hearts that I remember all their wickedness: now their own doings have beset them about; they are before my face.

Hosea 7:1-2 Expanded Bible (EXB)

7 When I heal Israel,
   Israel’s sin will •go away [or be revealed/exposed],
and so will Samaria’s evil.
“They •cheat a lot [practice deceit; commit fraud]!
   Thieves •break into houses [L come in],
   and •robbers [gangs] •are in the streets [raid/pillage outside].
2 •It never enters their minds [L They never say in their hearts]
   that I remember all their evil deeds.
The bad things they do •are all around [engulf; surround] them;
   they are •right in front of me [always before my face].

Expanded Bible (EXB) The Expanded Bible, Copyright © 2011 Thomas Nelson Inc. All rights reserved.

These are my thoughts, please share yours.

1 Today Israel has been somewhat restored but it was by thru faith that one or even a nation is truly restored, if they have land and power but don’t have God then they truly have nothing. All people will have their sins realized; we can either come to the Lord with them for forgiveness or have to be judged for them.

2 The Lord was finally giving them what they deserved. We don’t want we deserve and if we receive Jesus then we won’t have to get that punishment because what we deserve is not good because we are not good apart from His grace.
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PostSubject: Re: Hosea 7:1-2   Tue Jun 16, 2015 4:41 pm

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on those verses!
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PostSubject: Hosea 7:1-2   Tue Jun 16, 2015 11:29 pm

Hosea 7
/ Our Library / Commentaries / Matthew Henry Commentary on the Whole Bible (Complete) / Hosea / Hosea 7
1 1 Shares
Hosea 6 Hosea 8
Chapter 7
In this chapter we have, I. A general charge drawn up against Israel for those high crimes and misdemeanors by which they had obstructed the course of God’s favours to them (v. 1, v. 2). II. A particular accusation, 1. Of the court—the king, princes, and judges (v. 3-7). Of the country. Ephraim is here charged with conforming to the nations (v. Cool, senselessness and stupidity under the judgments of God (v. 9-11), ingratitude to God for his mercies (v. 13), incorrigibleness under his judgments (v. 14), contempt of God (v. 15), and hypocrisy in their pretences to return to him (v. 16). They are also threatened with a severe chastisement, which shall humble them (v. 12), and, if that prevail not, then with an utter destruction (v. 13), particularly their princes (v. 16).

Verses 1-7 Some take away the last words of the foregoing chapter, and make them the beginning of this: "When I returned, or would have returned, the captivity of my people, when I was about to come towards them in ways of mercy, even when I would have healed Israel, then the iniquity of Ephraim (the country and common people) was discovered, and the wickedness of Samaria, the court and the chief city.’’ Now, in these verses, we may observe,I. A general idea given of the present state of Israel, v. 1, v. 2. See how the case now stood with them.1. God graciously designed to do well for them: I would have healed Israel. Israel were sick and wounded; their disease was dangerous and malignant, and likely to be fatal, Isa. 1:6 . But God offered to be their physician, to undertake the cure, and there was balm in Gilead sufficient to recover the health of the daughter of his people; their case was bad, but it was not desperate, nay, it was hopeful, when God would have healed Israel. (1.) He would have reformed them, would have separated between them and their sins, would have purged out the corruptions that were among them, by his laws and prophets. (2.) He would have delivered them out of their troubles, and restored to them their peace and prosperity. Several healing attempts were made, and their declining state seemed sometimes to be in a hopeful way of recovery; but their own folly put them back again. Note, If sinful miserable souls be not healed and helped, but perish in their sin and misery, they cannot lay the blame on God, for he both could and would have healed them; he offered to take the ruin under his hand. And there are some special seasons when God manifests his readiness to heal a distempered church and nation, now and then a hopeful crisis, which, if carefully watched and improved, might, even when the case is very bad, turn the scale for life and health.2. They stood in their own light and put a bar in their own door. When God would have healed them, when they bade fair for reformation and peace, then their iniquity was discovered and their wickedness, which stopped that current of God’s favours, and undid all again. (1.) Then, when their case came to be examined and enquired into, in order to their cure, that wickedness which had been concealed and palliated was found out; not that it was ever hid from God, but he speaks after the manner of men; as a surgeon, when he probes a wound in order to the cure of it and finds that it touches the vitals and is incurable, goes no further in his endeavour to cure it, so, when God came down to see the case of Israel (as the expression is, Gen. 18:21 ), with kind intentions towards them, he found their wickedness so very flagrant, and them so hardened in it, so impudent and impenitent, that he could not in honour show them the favour he designed them. Note, Sinners are not healed because they would not be healed. Christ would have gathered them, and they would not. (2.) Then, when some endeavours were used to reform and reclaim them, that wickedness which had been restrained and kept under broke out; and from God’s steps towards the healing of them they took occasion to be so much the more provoking. When endeavours were used to reform them vice grew more impetuous, more outrageous, and swelled so much the higher, as a stream when it is damned up. When they began to prosper they grew more proud, wanton, and secure, and so stopped the progress of their cure. Note, It is sin that turns away good things from us when they are coming towards us; and it is the folly and ruin of multitudes that, when God would do well for them, they do ill for themselves. And what was it that did them this mischief? In one word, they commit falsehood; they worship idols (so some), defraud one another (so others), or, rather, they dissemble with God in their professions of repentance and regard to him. They say that they are desirous to be healed by him, and, in order to that, willing to be ruled by him; but they lie unto him with their mouth and flatter him with their tongue. 3. A practical disbelief of God’s omniscience and government was at the bottom of all their wickedness (v. 2): "They consider not in their hearts, they never say it to their own hearts, never think of this, that I remember all their wickedness.’’ As if God could not see it, though he is all eye, or did not heed it, though his name is Jealous, or had forgotten it, though he is an eternal mind that can never be unmindful, or would not reckon for it, though he is the Judge of heaven and earth. This is the sinner’s atheism; as good say that there is no God as say that he is either ignorant or forgetful, that there is none that judges in the earth as that he remembers not the things he is to give judgment upon. It is a high affront they put upon God; it is a damning cheat they put upon themselves; they say, The Lord shall not see, Ps. 94:7 . They cannot but know that God remembers all their works; they have been told it many a time; nay, if you ask them, they cannot but own it, and yet they do not consider it; they do not think of it when they should, and with application to themselves and their own works, else they would not, they durst not, do as they do. But the time will come when those who thus deceive themselves shall be undeceived: "Now their own doings have beset them about, that is, they have come at length to such a pitch of wickedness that their sins appear on every side of them; all their neighbours see how bad they are, and can they think that God does not see it?’’ Or, rather, "The punishment of their doings besets them about; they are surrounded and embarrassed with troubles, so that they cannot get out, by which it appears that the sins they smart for are before my face, not only that I have seen them, but that I am displeased at them;’’ for, till God by pardoning our sins has cast them behind his back, they are still before his face. Note, Sooner or later, God will convince those who do not now consider it that he remembers all their works. 4. God had begun to contend with them by his judgments, in earnest of what was further coming: The thief comes in, and the troop of robbers spoils without. Some take this as an instance of their wickedness, that they robbed and spoiled one another. Nec hospes ab hospite tutus—The host and the guest stand in fear of each other. It seems rather to be a punishment of their sin; they were infested with secret thieves among themselves, that robbed their houses and shops and picked their pockets, and troops of robbers, foreign invaders, that with open violence spoiled abroad; so far was Israel from being healed that they had fresh wounds given them daily by robbers and spoilers; and all this the effect of sin, all to punish them for robbing God, Isa. 42:24 ; Mal. 3:8, Mal. 3:11 .II. A particular account of the sins of the court, of the king and princes, and those about them, and the tokens of God’s displeasure that they were under for them.1. Their king and princes were pleased with the wickedness and profaneness of their subjects, who were emboldened thereby to be so much them ore wicked

Cami flower
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PostSubject: Re: Hosea 7:1-2   

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Hosea 7:1-2
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