I came to Jesus when I was 29 truly choosing Him because I had made such a mess of my life with the help of others that I will not name it is old news. I had a baby and the father blew me off because he did not want any part of us. I am sure many can relate. The world had kicked me around and the Lord Jesus wanted to help me. I felt Him calling to me. I was raised in a Episcopalian church but knew nothing about Jesus.I was so shy that the kids all made fun of me, because they did not ever get to know me , I hated Sunday school because of their teasing me about being shy. I was there all the time for Vacation bible school and all the rest.But it did not take on me till I left at 17 to do things on my own and got into the miry pit and the devil was my master and made sure I came into all kinds of evil and bad company.

I saw Pat Robertson on TV and my Mom and I both prayed the prayer of Salvation ( that many legalists will try to say it is not scriptural) but I needed to know what to say and that did it after praying my Life began to be better then it has previously and God became so close to me. I found a book in the library called God Calling and it taught me how to hear God. It changed me in a big way. God talked to me in His still small voice in my thoughts and told me He loved me and that He was proud of me. Now some 38 years later I am still walking with God. I am walking with God daily and helping others to realize Jesus as Savior too.